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Film: Eter­nal Sun­shine of the Spot­less Mind


Re­view­ers will rave about how clever and in­ven­tive this script is, like they did with Adap­ta­tion and Be­ing John Malkovich. Writer Char­lie Kauf­man’s go­ing to laugh all the way to the bank and Os­car cer­e­mo­ny with Eter­nal Sun­shine of the Spot­less Mind be­cause once again he got a Ston­er’s Wacky Movie Idea made in­to a slick, en­joy­able flick.

Guy smok­ing pot: DUDE! What if there was a movie where, like, there was a door in­to some guy’s head?! Sec­ond guy, joint passed to him: DUDE! What if it was that guy (points to Mal­covich on their tele­vi­sion screen, play­ing a bad­die in Con Air). Dude. Dude!

Same sto­ry with Eter­nal Sun­shine: Dude I hate that girl, she’s so, she’s so. It’s like she was just, hel­lo, what do you want. Sec­ond dude: sucks, man. Too bad you can’t just erase here. First dude: DUDE! What if you could! Sec­ond dude: Dude, that’d be an awe­some movie.

Jim Car­rey has tru­ly turned in­to a top-shelf ac­tor, and Kate Winslet is al­most be­liev­able as the capri­cious love in­ter­est. Eli­jah Wood con­tin­ues to creep me out, but his char­ac­ter is sup­posed to be creepy so I can’t fault the di­rec­tor for type­cast­ing. I wish there were more gra­tu­itous scenes of Kirsten Dun­st jump­ing around in her un­der­wear — ten is not enough — but a movie can’t have every­thing, I guess. All around excellent.

Filed under Films on March 23rd, 2004

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rex mizza wrote:

dude stop smok­ing so much pot. and why do i feel bad when i see slick en­joy­able flicks oth­er than the peo­ple who made them have more mon­ey and are gen­er­al­ly more tal­ent­ed than me. i guess i just said. why do you have a chick in your pic­ture and is she kiss­ing you be­cause you’re a smooth­face, turtle­neck wear­ing hot­tie? i did­n’t no­tice un­til just now that brown ca­maro man still lives on this street. good movie: twitch of the death nerve

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