Fifteen-Second Theatre # 1


[ Between 52nd Street and 53rd. Tall Man crosses Broadway from the East and hangs a left. Blind Man is standing in front of a magazine shop, wearing Blind Man’s glasses, holding a sign that reads, “blind, hungry, please help.” Tall man is walking past. ]

Blind Man: Sir could you help a blind veteran?

[ Tall Man doesn’t slow down. With his left hand waves off Blind Man’s request. ]

Blind Man: Sir, just a dollar. Help out a homeless veteran.

Tall Man (foolishly): It’s a nice act but how’d’you know to call me sir?

Blind Man: How you mean?

Tall Man: If you’re blind.. (For a moment Tall Man feels Superior)

[ Blind man makes a false start toward Tall Man, then laughs as Tall Man flinches and hurries off. ]

Blind Man (to himself): Fuckin’ motherfucker.

Tall Man (to himself): Fuckin’ motherfucker.

Filed under Fiction on March 22nd, 2004