Answers to Questions & Accusations, Including Submissions Guidelines & How to Contact Us

About Johnny America

Johnny America is a large rabbit who lives in a bungalow on the Moon between two rivers of wine (one red, one white). He is the also namesake of this website of fiction, humor, and other miscellany and of the Johnny America print ’zine that’s published sporadically by the Moon Rabbit Books & Ephemera Society.

Johnny America spends most of his days lounging against a low crater, fishing rod in paw. Some afternoons he helps plow the cheese fields — to earn extra money for carrots — but usually he’s in the valley cut by the Mercer and Mancini Rivers, idling. The fish on the Moon are constantly drunk and easy to catch. They look almost exactly like bass but taste of marmalade and cinnamon.

You Might Recall

That Moon Rabbit Books & Ephemera Society used to be known as the Moon Rabbit Drinking Club & Benevolence Society, which is true. But Emily, Jay, Patrick & Aaron are all very old now, and very wise, and think so much about salad spinners and marginal tax rates and other first-world adult preoccupations that we thought it time to sanitize our more wilding name.

What About O.J.?

He loved too hard.

And Snooki?

She tans too hard.

What About Dogs?

They should not eat socks.

And Cats?

They are hilarious and beautiful and should be discussed at every opportunity.

For Comments, Suggestions, Criticism, or Trades

There are numerous ways to contact us.

We welcome and encourage gifts, literary trades, and unsolicited baked goods of all varieties. Send cookies, books, ’zines, and bags of wine to:

Johnny America

PO BOX # 3

Lawrence, Kansas 66044

U.S. of A.

Our e-mail address for general correspondence is Please do not send submissions to this address; the correct protocol for submissions is described just a little farther down this page.

Regarding Proper Workplace Attire

“Business shorts” are never acceptable.

And Bereavement Leave

May not be used in memory of fallen celebrities without express written approval from Management.

About Submissions

Submissions will be skimmed by a junior volunteer of questionable competence  (Richard the Intern) who sneaks web access while at his day job. If he likes a submission he will propel it to our physically perfect but capricious editors, who depending on their sobriety might or might not take notice. Our junior volunteer’s attention span is limited and his taste unrefined. He’s started a fledgling list of topics and themes we’re not generally interested in publishing, though as you might imagine, on occasion we’re likely to make exceptions to our stated prejudices.

Johnny America specializes in very short-shorts, though we frequently accept short-shorts and fairly often bite on shorts, as well as essays that are on the brief-ish side in length. Items over 3,000 words by persons other than Eli S. Evans will almost never be accepted, while items over 4,500 words cannot possibly be considered. Items under 100 words are usually too petite for our tastes, which strongly favor the numerical range between 200 and 2,000 words.

By far the easiest way to divine what sort of stories we’re looking for to read a copy of the print edition or peruse our extensive archives. Like most publications, Johnny America has a tone all its own, and if you haven’t spent an hour or two reading J.A. to know whether your submission’s a probable fit, you’re doing yourself a great disservice and insulting us to boot.

The illustrious Kyle Sundby is kind enough to lend us his proofreading and copy-editing expertise. The bourbon ration we are able to provide him is minuscule and his patience finite, so we kindly request that writers continue sending only error-free, grammatically prefect sumbissions for the foreseeable future.

Please note that previously published work cannot be considered, and that submissions will be automatically considered for both the website and print edition, without exception.

Simultaneous submissions? We’re fine with those — but please grant us the courtesy of notification if your story’s accepted elsewhere. Also: Please send only one submission at a time. Like all primates, we’re lazy and love fresh fruits; because submissions with multiple attachments are often a chore to read, they’re likely lay rotting at the bottom of our e-mail queues for an inordinate time.

There’s no need to include an author bio with your submission — if we need one we’ll fabricate our own — but if you have a website or Twitter feed you’d like us to list on your author page, it would be wise to let us know at the time of your submission. Please note that we list contributor e-mail addresses on our website unless instructed to the contrary.

All submissions should be sent to


Payment, if there is any, will come in the form of peculiar or amusing objects of negligible monetary value; a doodle of a mongoose on a coffee-stained napkin, for example.

We provide a free contributor’s copy to authors included in the print edition, but as we’re a habitually money-losing endeavor we’re unfortunately unable to offer more-respectable remuneration at this time.


We are not super-models, despite our glistening torsos.


Know that we respond to all submissions within one month. If you don’t hear from us within a month, it’s safe to say your message was lost due either to our junior volunteer’s ever-wavering organizational abilities or to over-active e-mail filters. Consider yourself encouraged to re-send your work.


We reserve the non-exclusive right to reprint submissions in any print or electronic compilation we can manage to publish, with the understanding that as long as Johnny America remains a scrappy, impoverished affair neither monies nor secondary mongoose-drawings shall be required, but that that if there’s ever serious dough to be divvied, profits will be shared in a fair and transparent manner and we won’t short-change our writers.

What of Copyrights?

All items on this web site and in the print magazine are © Copyrighted and are not to be stolen. Stories published here are the intellectual property of their authors. Site design and uncredited text are © Copyright 2003–2019 by the Moon Rabbit Books & Ephemera Society.

If You Have a Web Site and Would Like to Link to Us

You are encouraged to do so, free of charge. We are well-respected but surprisingly unpopular, and could use the publicity.

And Lastly

We do have a Twitter account, though our posts are infrequent and almost exclusively about The Golden Girls, and a Facebook Page too.