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Ac­cept­able Rea­sons that Aaron Grill Might Pro­vide for Blow­ing Me Off Last Night


Aaron Grill and I made plans on Sun­day to meet on Mon­day, for cof­fee or drinks as we pleased. How­ev­er, Aaron Grill failed to an­swer his tele­phone, nor to re­spond to two mes­sages I left him. Here are some ex­cus­es I would accept:

  1. Had to get a leg amputated.
  2. For­got stand­ing ap­point­ment with his psy­chic, Raven.
  3. Hap­pened to meet Steve Busce­mi, and the two of them drank whiskey and played pool un­til Aaron passed out un­der the table.
  4. Was paid sev­er­al thou­sand dol­lars plus to ig­nore me, pre­dict­ing that I would for­give him once the mon­ey was split equal­ly be­tween us.
  5. In­ex­plic­a­ble rash.
  6. His mom was in town.
  7. At­tacked by ra­bid squir­rel, spent night in hos­pi­tal re­ceiv­ing painful ab­dom­i­nal injections.
  8. Kid­napped.

Filed under Non-Fiction on November 15th, 2005

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Reader Comments

Jay wrote:

I just got an e‑mail from him. I don’t think he’s kidnapped.

Jay wrote:

Well, he might have been kid­napped and then es­caped, I sup­pose, but you’d think he would’ve men­tioned some­thing so thrilling.

Emily wrote:

Well, he’s agreed to resched­ule for tonight. So we’ll see what happens…

Emily wrote:

We had drinks, and he agreed to act as my mule (to trans­port the goods), so I sup­pose all is forgiven.

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