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Kent Torokvei: Pervert?


One won­ders what demon(s) Kent Torokvei was hid­ing when he told the Re­al Ge­nius he­roes, “You’re all just a bunch of degenerates.”

As you’ll re­call, ever-in­sight­ful Chris Knight asked, “We are? What about that time I found you naked with that bowl of Jello?”

Kent fa­mous­ly de­fend­ed, “I was hot and I was hungry.”

But what if there was more to Mr. Torokvei’s per­ver­sion? What if Kent’s seem­ing­ly ca­su­al flir­ta­tion with the so-called Sex­u­al­ité de Géla­tine was a hint of a larg­er, more in­sid­i­ous fas­ci­na­tion. Twen­ty-two years lat­er, Kent might be a sci­en­tist at Kraft Foods, taint­ing un­told batch­es of gelatin, pud­ding, and no-bake pie prod­ucts with ad­di­tives unknown.

Filed under Realer Genius on March 7th, 2007

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