Film: A.I. Artificial Intelligence


Sitting in the theater, watching this film for the first time, as Teddy Ruxbin robot boy stares through the thick deep at the blue fairy I wonder why the reviews are lambasting this film. The acting is good, the story well-plotted; why the complaints? Then Jesus & Friends comes down in a space ship and poor Teddy’s oedipal lust object can be brought back for just one day and the emotional circle jerk that ensues is just too much for me to bear.

I see the disc at Hasting’s and wanting to give Spielberg another chance I put down my $3.50 and rent it for the weekend. Pressing pause after the robot starts his long sad stare makes this movie a great film. It should’ve ended that way, but instead Spielberg wretches over a wonderful story of futility and desperation with a projectile Happy Ending.

Filed under Films on July 6th, 2003