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Lot­tery Tick­ets Re­viewed: Cos­mic Cash


Photographs of a "Cosmic Cash" lottery ticket, before and after scratching...

Cost: $5

Max­i­mum prize: $25,000

Ap­peal: Vi­brant trails of col­or and a shim­mer­ing lo­go-mark that seem to ra­di­ate at light speed from a galaxy far, far away set this tick­et apart from the com­pe­ti­tion at the Maxi Mart. Day-Glo orbs and plan­e­toids hurtling through space speak to de­sign­ers hav­ing fun. 

A Quib­ble: A cir­cu­lar badge boasts “Out of This World Prizes,” though tech­ni­cal­ly, twen­ty-five large in Amer­i­can green­backs is a supreme­ly Earth-lo­cal prize. Should you find your­self hu­man-traf­ficked to Betel­geuse by a pod of Greys, good luck get­ting back to the So­lar Sys­tem with­out a wal­let flush with Al­tairi­an space-dollars. 

Graph­ic De­sign: 810

Sparkli­ness: 610

Eroti­cism: 310

Over­all val­ue: 710

Filed under Lottery Tickets, Reviewed on October 21st, 2022

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