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Just Ask James: The Economy


Dear James,

What do you think about the economy?


Sweet Melin­da,

You must have read my last post about not say­ing much and ask­ing sim­ple ques­tions. Don’t get me wrong, I like it be­cause I feel like I am fi­nal­ly get­ting re­al ques­tions that I have to an­swer and not just a group of peo­ple that want to get pub­lished on this ob­scure web site… and this sub­ject is important.

I don’t know about you, but I ded­i­cate a lot of time to pub­lic ra­dio here in Ko­di­ak. Have you ever just sat back for a day and count­ed the num­ber of times that you hear “the econ­o­my” men­tioned? Do this to­mor­row, I dare you. Now, take this word and re­place it with oth­er words that are im­por­tant to you, per­haps “moth­er,” “fa­ther,” per­haps “child.” What was it be­fore econ­o­my, “ter­ror­ist?” What was it be­fore ter­ror­ist, “com­mu­nist?” “Vi­et­cong,” “nu­clear arms,” “Russ­ian in­va­sion,” “the Jews,” “the blacks,” “the Irish,” “the what­ev­er.” It starts to seem like waves and waves of bull­shit that we have to swim through, and Melin­da, I bet you can swim pret­ty well.

Imag­ine your­self swim­ming to­wards a raft of sorts — there are few out there in the hun­gry ocean, one is “the econ­o­my,” one is “ter­ror­ist,” one is per­haps every­thing you have ever known… I bet you dol­lars to donuts where you are heading.

Call your fam­i­ly up now, tell ’em you had a lit­tle wine, but let em know how much you love them. And tell them I said hi!


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