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De­f­i­n­i­tion: Hobosexual




1 : of, re­lat­ing to, or char­ac­ter­ized by a ten­den­cy to di­rect sex­u­al de­sire to­ward ho­bos, or the home­less pop­u­la­tion in general

2 : of, re­lat­ing to, or in­volv­ing sex­u­al in­ter­course be­tween ho­bos or be­tween a hobo and a non-hobo -ho·bo·sex·u·al·ly/adv

3 : styl­is­ti­cal­ly sim­i­lar to, or im­i­ta­tive of, hobos


1a : a ho­bo­sex­u­al person.

Filed under Non-Fiction on September 15th, 2004

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Reader Comments

Harb wrote:

I thought you were kid­ding un­till I naively
clicked on the link!
It takes all kinds I guess?

Jeff Robinson wrote:

I beg to dif­fer. Ho­bo­sex­u­al is ob­vi­ous­ly the op­po­site of metrosexual.

Talis wrote:

O_O Holy shit. I thought this was a to­tal joke…
and then I clicked the link @_@

Anonymous wrote:

my eyes, my eyes!!!

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