Just Add Water


The neighborhood is changing, that’s for sure. In fact, I don’t even know if it could be called a neighborhood nowadays. It’s been quite some time since any new families have moved in and the available housing is continually disappearing. I don’t know how much longer my family and I will be living here.

I remember when the last family moved in. The Websters – John, Sarah, and their seventeen kids – were dropped from their packet about a week ago. The neighborhood was already saturated but we welcomed the Websters nonetheless. That was the height of this community and since then everyone I know has passed on or been relocated. Yep, the moving net has been through here several times and families, houses, and entire lots have been scooped up and taken away. The Schafers, the Williams, the Krbeks, the Meyers – they’re all gone now.

It’s become a ghost town. The only sounds now are the continual hum of the tank aerator.

If the loss of neighbors was the only problem that we faced here, I wouldn’t be so concerned. Contrary to the comic book back page advertisements, not all of us are really social. Just because we’re packaged together doesn’t necessarily mean that we desire each other’s company. I would be perfectly content if it was just me and the missus and our 45 kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. That’s more than enough folks to maintain our level of monkey business.

Nope, my biggest concern is how the area’s going to hell. I remember sitting on Purple Rock with nothing but inches and inches of blue-green expanse in front of me. Now that blue-green is murky brown and Purple Rock is covered with the same greenish slime that’s slowly coating everything.

I know I sound like I’m whining about how everything was better back in the old days – last Tuesday, to be specific. I probably am – at ten days I am pretty long in the tooth so maybe I do look back too fondly at what once was. I just want my offspring to enjoy their lives at much as possible. I want them to have the same chance to shock and amaze your friends.

Filed under Fiction on February 17th, 2004