The New McNuggets


The new All White Meat McNuggets really are better than their predecessor. My review 10-piece carton was a fried, battered, vaguely chicken-y treat.

In other news from Ronald to Me to You: they’ve subtlety thickened the plastic straws in the last two months.

Yours Truly is a fan of the one-handed straw-slam to knee; popping it out of its paper wrapper with a slamming motion while shaking the cup to swirl the ice around with the other hand. Low quality straws, especially those clear plastic ones, tend to fail about two inches from the bottom during this ceremony, negating the technique’s inherent time-saving aspects. Two handed opening won’t cut it for this busy girl, so I raise a salute to Ronald for bumping the structural integrity and sparing me the frustration of tinkering with a busted drinking straw on the 7 train.

Filed under Food on December 18th, 2003