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Ex­cerpt from my Nov­el, Cur­rent­ly Ti­tled Skil­let Blow to the Head


In this scene, the nar­ra­tor gives her young pro­tégé some­thing mag­i­cal, in a box. 

“There’s noth­ing there!” she complained.

“Look again,” I said. She peered in­to the box. Then closed her eyes and pressed on them with her fin­ger­tips be­fore look­ing in­to the sil­ver box again. She shook her head, and I saw her lips word­less­ly form the word No.

“Maybe you should­n’t look so hard.”

“Like one of those mag­ic pic­tures?” she asked. Her eyes seemed to go a lit­tle soft to­wards the page. She would see it very soon.

“I guess. I could nev­er get those to work.”

Filed under Fiction on November 14th, 2003

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