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Do you have questions regarding the nature of ballin’? Jermaine Dupri is here to answer them…

Dear J.D.

In your collaboration with Clipse on the track “Let’s Talk About It,” you say the following: “Now as the game rotates, and my chrome gets bigger more and more girls wanna fuck this nigga.” My question relates to the proportionality of my chrome in direct relation to the rotation of my game. Careful observation has led me to believe that while in fact my game has and does continue to rotate, the size of my chrome has remained static.

The absence of any sort of correlation has proved troublesome due to the fact that the unchanging nature of my chrome seems to strictly limit the number of girls that “wanna fuck.” My question relates to your use of the connective “and.” Is “and” intended to imply a direct relationship or simply as a conjunction?

I hope you can help me out,


Billings, Montana


Dear Ben,

Thank you for you inquiry. With regards to your question, I think you may find that the rotation of your game is in direct proportion with the size of your chrome. I think you will find the problem lies within your mentality and interpretation of “game”, and not within the various semantic interpretations of my lyric. In further listening to that specific verse I think you will find the key to your problem. Imagine the continuation of the verse, in essence, as further conditions which must be met in order for the true rotation of your game.

“They can tell a true playa by the clothes that I wear

Game that I spit and the length of my hair”

From this you can tell, that in order for these girl to “wanna fuck,” you must also fulfill the qualities of a true player, only then can your game rotate (and your chrome increase in size proportionally).


Filed under Ask Jermaine Dupri on October 17th, 2003