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Short Piece In­volv­ing an Au­to­mo­bile (1 of 5)


Claire awak­ens and thinks first of her red Au­di, then of her fi­ancé’s Jaguar. She thinks thank god he’s not one of those BMW jerks. She thinks about the ac­ci­dent she was in last year, with the eigh­teen-year-old Hon­da, its rust patched with fray­ing duct tape. The woman who hit her was her age, twen­ty-nine, she re­mem­bers. Claire thinks about am­bi­tion, about ma­te­r­i­al de­sire. She thinks about Kate Stevens, the girl who rear-end­ed her Au­di. Claire rolls over and goes back to sleep. She dreams of a field of dan­de­lions reach­ing out to the horizon.

Filed under Fiction on July 3rd, 2003

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