Friends & Foes

January 16th, 2016 by Jay HOLLEY

If You’re On this List You Know Which You Are

Biopsy Magazine

Is a bang-up little magazine of editorials and essays that make for perfect bathtub or subway reading.

The Big Jewell

Is kind enough to share new humor every Wednesday.

The Cupboard

Seems promising.

Early Jewelry

Is home to hand-crafted jewelry by Kylie Grater.

Karl Taro Greenfield

Is probably J.A.’s first-most famous and second-most handsome contributor.


Is exceedingly punctual for an online literary endeavor.


Is like a sort of octopus, when you think about it.

Monkey Bicycle

Doesn’t publish nearly as many stories about monkeys or bicycles as you might expect.

Whistling Shade

Has been bringing good reading to the twin cities since 2001. We thought seriously of moving to Minneapolis not so very long ago, and then we visited in the winter, and then we abandoned that foolhardy daydream.