All Is Not Lost

Ahoy, Readers!


It has been too long.


We’re working on a major site re-build to update the content management system that drives the Johnny America web site, so long-time readers will notice the temporary absence of fourteen years of fiction, humor, and other miscellany from our archives, and lots of formatting strangeness until early November, 2017. Please rest assured that all stories and tall tales will be returning soon, with slightly improved typography and vastly superior mobile-friendliness.


When we started J.A. we composed most of the web site computer code on an old IBC Selectric typewriter and scanned it into the internet with a borrowed fax machine, so we’re overdue for some sprucing up. While we don’t plan to get too fancy with our improved technology, we will perhaps post more original videos of literary cat antics in order to widen our subscriber base.


Please also know: a new issue of the print zine is also in the works. As always, it will be delivered slightly later than we currently anticipate, with less fanfare than we secretly hope for.