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Picture of Issue Nine
Johnny America is a little print ’zine of fiction, humor, and other miscellany. It’s a web site too, freshened every-other Friday.
Our ninth issue is thirty-six pages of very short shorts, illustrations, and a truly strange comic strip which confuses and delights us. As with previous issues, it sports a silkscreen cover, hand-stitched thread binding, and smells vaguely of citrus. It’s available now for four bucks.

Ahoy Readers, Revised!


We will return with a new stories and silliness on or before Halloween, 2015.

From time to time, by which I mean all-too frequently, we are prone to distraction and delay caused by day-job deadlines. Alas, sporadically publishing a ‘zine of extremely limited appeal and circulation does not afford us any thingthat might be used to pay or barter for rent.

Enjoying our new Mad Magazine subscription instead of reading submissions has not helped matters, nor has playing too much croquet instead of updating web code.

Other Recent Items

Our Black Hole
by Trevor SHIKAZE ( 3 July, 2015 )

The Copenhagen Interpretation
by Robert HIATT ( 19 June, 2015 )

Class Conflict
by Steve BOURDEAU ( 22 May, 2015 )

Rum Monkey
by Jason PRIMM ( 8 May, 2015 )

Hold On, We’re Going Home
by Bryan CRUMPLEY ( 24 April, 2015 )

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