Johnny America
Picture of Issue Nine
Johnny America is a little print ’zine of fiction, humor, and other miscellany. It’s a web site too, freshened every-other Friday.
Our ninth issue is thirty-six pages of very short shorts, illustrations, and a truly strange comic strip which confuses and delights us. As with previous issues, it sports a silkscreen cover, hand-stitched thread binding, and smells vaguely of citrus. It’s available now for four bucks.

R.I.P. Lenny C.

Your voice will be sorely missed.

— J.A.

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Little Known Incidents that Changed All of Human History Forever: “How Jonny Dino Changed The World”
by Jason HALF-PILLOW ( 11 March, 2016 )

In the Absence of a Translator
by Marcia EPPICH-HARRIS ( 26 February, 2016 )

Tower of Babel
by J. Edward KRUFT ( 20 November, 2015 )

Our Black Hole
by Trevor SHIKAZE ( 3 July, 2015 )

The Copenhagen Interpretation
by Robert HIATT ( 19 June, 2015 )

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